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    Zhejiang collar New Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly brought new polyurethane) is a professional production of polyurethane equipment series, a combination of materials enterprises. Companies registered capital of 10 million yuan, is located in Ruian international automobile and motorcycle industrial park, construction area of ??over 10,000 square meters, is China the forefront of polyurethane technology companies.
    The new company has been leading a policy of "pragmatic, high quality and efficiency, technological innovation," the spirit of enterprise, invested heavily in the introduction of foreign advanced technical personnel and high-tech equipment, it has more than 30 patents, focusing on a combination of polyurethane materials and equipment R & D , pioneered domestic polyurethane equipment set, combination of materials, the surrounding material supporting the production process and technical support for the comprehensive integration services, namely, "the whole case polyurethane service" to meet the various needs of different customer requirements for product development and production, so as to provide the best sales service, known as the "polyurethane overall program specialist." The company attaches great importance to product quality management and research and development, has passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, won the science and technology enterprises in Zhejiang Province and other certifications and honors.
    At present my company's products are high-pressure polyurethane foam machines, low pressure foaming machine, sealing strip casting machine, elastomer casting machine, car seat production line, wall insulation board production line, tile sandwich panel production line, automatic production lines insoles a variety of automated production lines and various types of polyurethane related machinery and equipment, long-term provision of various types of polyurethane materials MDI.
    Product Case:
    Furniture, home industry: sofa, mattress, memory pillow, carpet floor mats, vinyl seats, since the crust handrails, wood bed, Continental Medallions, frames frames, racks, models, display stand
    Household appliances: refrigerator, mug, water heaters, drinking fountains and other insulation layer.
    Construction: building wall insulation, roofing insulation, cold insulation, insulation decorative one board, backdrop decorative panels, wood moldings, Roman, wiping fender and so on.
    Transportation Industry: Aircraft and automotive interior parts, seats, armrests, headrests, door panels, instrument panel, steering wheel, bumpers, shock absorption pads, fenders, sun visors, filter sealing strips.
    Shoe leather industry: shoes, outsoles, insoles, artificial leather.
    Sports medical industry: volleyball, skateboard wheels, boxing gloves, helmets, knee pads, anthropomorphic, medical bed accessories.
    Industrial sectors: mining sieve, mechanical rollers, industrial casters, seals, shock absorption pads, sheets and other products
    Packaging industry: live green foam packaging, cushion and so on.
    In the future, the "new collar" will continue to forge ahead, to provide customers with better performance, more practical production equipment and production technology, in order to warm and sincere attitude to the vast number of old and new customers to provide more comprehensive technical support and services.
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    Mr. Chen: 13515871991
    E-mail: lxpu4008268887@sina.com
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    Address: Ruian international automobile and motorcycle industry park Luoshan Road on the 8th
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